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Bouncy Castle Hire Cost and Safety


This depends on who you hire the castle from inflatable insurance. Prices range from £40 to £99. The costs generally increase if you order a large castle. The supplier might also charge delivery. Finally the longer you have the castle the more you will be charged.

The Ground Where You Set Up

Measure the space you have before you order your castle otherwise you might get a castle but not have space for it. Look for a reasonably flat surface on which to place the bouncy castle.The flatter the ground the better because as the children or adults jump up and down, a sloping castle, will result in the users ending up at one end of the castle and potentially crashing into each other. Make sure that the ground that will be immediately underneath the castle is clear of sharp objects such as sharp stones, plastic, bricks or glass. Bouncy castles if popped will leak the air that keeps it inflated, which could result in a safety hazard.

For cleanliness also make sure that animal excrement is cleared if pets have been allowed to use the area.

Setting Up The Castle
Place the castle over the site you have cleared and roll it out, unpacking it over the site. Fully stretch out the castle. Use the pegs that come with the castle to secure the castle in its place. To do this, place the pegs into the ground and hook the rope that is attached to the castle, to the pegs. Go around the whole of the castle and use all the pegs supplied, one for each rope that is attached to the castle. Usually there are 6 ropes for securing the castle to the ground. Two on each side of the castle except where the front step of the bouncy castle is.

By securing the castle to the ground, when the users jump and bounce off the protective walls, the castle will not move from its location. If the weather is windyn for example, the ropes will keep it in place.

Using the Bouncy Castle

Here is a list of the Do’s and Dont’s

1. Remove shoes and footwear before stepping onto any part of the castle. If a user jumps and steps on someone else, it will not cause as much injury as it would if they had shoes on. Further removing shoes before using the castle will help keep the castle cleaner for longer.

2. Remove jewellery and watches before using the castle. Jumping around will mean brushing against others and jewellery/watches will scratch others if they are kept on, especially earrings because they can be ripped out of ears if caught on something.

3. Do not allow users to climb the walls of the castle. These walls are there to stop users bouncing out of the inflated area. If someone climbs the walls of the castle and falls off on the other side, they are likely to injure themselves due to the fact that their is no protection from the ground outside.

4. Do not allow users to jump on the front step. The front step of the bouncy castle is there to protect users bouncing on the inside of the castle who bounce out. However if a user bounces on the step, they may bounce off onto hard ground and injure themselves.

5. Do not allow food to be consumed on the inflatable. There is a big risk of choking if food is consumed whilst bouncing up and down. Further, invariably the food is spilt on the castle and makes a mess.

6. Do limit the number of users to an appropriate amount so they they have ample space to jump and have fun. If the castle is over crowded, the users will not have the necessary freedom of movement.

7. Try and avoid big users with little users at the same time because the big users will knock the little ones over and could cause injury.

8. It goes without saying but if someone has a history of joint, neck or back pain they should not be bouncing or jumping around on the castle.

9. Usually the castle is powered by an electric fan. Remember electricity and water don’t mix very well so cover the fan with a table or chair etc, if it is raining or the fan is likely to get wet from water.